Find Your Best Prospects

Get "Dream 100" Prospects Booked Directly Into Your Calendar With a Dedicated Team of LeadSnipers

Once deployed, LeadSnipers will source, qualify, engage, and book in pre-qualified, sales-ready appointments into your sales calendar WITHOUT a needing a single thing from you or your team.

Grow Your Business With

Highly Targeted Sales Appointments

Want a sales calendar filled with pre-qualified, sales-ready prospects that fit your "Dream Client" criteria?

It's that simple with...

LeadSniper Sales Development

Your dedicated team of LeadSnipers will

  • Find All Their Own Leads

  • Engage Those Leads Through Phone, Email and Social Media

  • Qualify Those Leads To Fit Your Dream Client Criteria

  • Book The Qualified Prospects Directly Into Your Calendar

Enterprise-Level Sales Force For Agencies & Consultants

Imagine if you could hire the best sales talent from organizations like Saleforce to work directly for your business!

Using a unique, performance-based model, you can get access to a dedicated sales force that historically was only available to enterprise-level businesses like Salesforce, Microsoft, Dell, Oracle, IBM, etc.

With LeadSniper, you get access to a dedicates, enterprise-level sales force that can scale extremely fast! Whether you are looking for an extra 5, 10 or 100 clients per month - LeadSniper can help!


LeadSniper Systems Import

We Deploy & Personalize our Proven LeadSniper Outbound Systems into Your Business


Recruiting & Training

We Recruit & Train World-Class Sales Talent To Run High-Converting Sales Development Campaigns on Your Behald


SDR Team Management

We Continue Managing Your Dedicated SDR Team To Drive Consistent & Predictable Revenue For Your Business

Your Next Steps

Want to know more about getting a dedicated team of LeadSnipers working on your behalf?


Schedule a free consult with a member of our Leadership Team below


If your business qualifies, our team will walk you through the exact strategy to deploy our turn-key LeadSniper Systems into your business


We'll lay out for you what results you can expect to generate in the first 3, 6 & 12 months of building a LeadSniper Sales Development Team!


Will The LeadSnipers Work For My Business Exclusively?

Yes! All the LeadSnipers we place on your account works for only your business. Their only task will be to source, qualify, engage, and book in pre-qualified sales calls directly into your or your team's calendar

Do We Pay A Monthly Retainer For Our LeadSnipers?

Nope. LeadSnipers work exclusively on performance which means if they don't perform, you don't pay!

How Are LeadSnipers Paid?

LeadSnipers are paid in 2 ways:

First, they are paid per qualified sales appointment that you agree fits your target criteria AND that actually shows up to the sales call.

Second, they are paid a flat success fee whenever one of the prospect they booked signs up with you.

Since they are paid exclusively on performance, you never have to worry about paying for a setter/SDR who doesn't actually generate an ROI for your business.

To learn exactly what you can expect for LeadSniper fees and return on investment - please book a call with our team HERE


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